Dawn's Story

For Dawn Brancheau, it all began with a dream.  After watching the Shamu show as a child, she was so moved by the bond shared between the whales and their caretakers that she made it her life’s ambition to become a SeaWorld whale trainer.  Though a thousand miles of land separated this young Northwest Indiana girl from the nearest ocean, Dawn let nothing hinder her from daring to dream.


During her 15 years as a SeaWorld trainer, she not only lived her lifelong dream, she mastered her craft.  Dawn earned love and respect from her colleagues and admiration from the animal-training world.  Dawn inspired millions of park guests to love marine life as she did, and to serve as passionate stewards of
their environment.


Dawn savored life and nothing brought her more joy than her husband, family, friends, and her chocolate labs.  Dawn lived each day to the fullest and was always looking for ways to brighten someone’s day through a kind and loving act.  Whether you were a family member, a friend, or a total stranger, Dawn would always make you feel special.  Dawn lived her life with purpose.  In honor of Dawn, we choose to do the same.


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