Other Projects

Wonderland of trtess '19

Cedar Lake Wonderland of Trees

The Cedar Lake Chamber of Commerce encourages civic groups, businesses, and families to participate in their annual Wonderland of Trees.  The decorated trees are on display throughout the streets of the town and light the way for the Parade of Lights that takes place during the Holiday Season.

The Dawn Brancheau Foundation participated in the First Annual Wonderland of Trees to honor Dawn in 2010. The tree was decorated with ornaments displaying Dawn’s image, the Foundation logo, and Foundation colors and the garland was constructed of Foundation wristbands. The Foundation continues to take part in the Wonderland of Trees with an angel tree topper making our tree easy to find.

Lake County Fairgrounds

The Lake County Fairgrounds provides an attractive setting for the Dream Big Walk including tree covered hills, historic brick exhibition buildings, rambling walking paths, the county’s only covered bridge, and a historic grandstand near the swimming area in Francher Lake.

The Dawn Brancheau Foundation maintains Dawn’s Gazebo at the Lake County Fairgrounds. Most recently, the Foundation helped purchase a dog water fountain and bench in honor of Richard Kazwell and Dawn. The Foundation also provides funds for improvement projects at the Fairgrounds.

lc fairgrounds 2020
Southlake Sailing School '19

South Lake Sailing School

South Lake Sailing School was established to enhance the sport of sailing.  They promote a US sailing certified program to students 12 years and older.  The instructors donate their time, knowledge, and experiences with the enrolled students just as they did for Dawn and her siblings when learning to sail the Butterfly & C Boats years ago.

The Dawn Brancheau Foundation sponsors sailing lessons and contributes to the equipment maintenance for the South Lake Sailing School.